In Support of Children and Dogs

Oh yes, we communicators are all alike in at least one way – given time and inspiration, surely a great book will emerge from these talented fingers. Or not. Unless you’re Greg Bardsley, Al Riske, Rachel Canon or a handful of others who have actually done the hard work of writing and publishing.

I’d still be sitting there, kidding myself that any day now, my masterpiece shall write itself and bring thunderous applause, if I wasn’t approached by my friend, Rose Nielsen, last summer. Rose asked, “Would you be willing to write a children’s book about therapy dogs to support the Dog Program at Children’s Hospital?”


Dogs? Children? Writing? Are you kidding? I was in!

What an amazing process, filled with great collaboration and mutual support…After settling on the concept (Rose’s therapy dog, Blondie, would go on a treasure hunt at Children’s Hospital), we spent a fair amount of time brainstorming what the treasure hunt would look like and what parts of the hospital Blondie would explore.  I wrote a draft, Rose had it test-marketed with a class of grade school children, I revised it, we tested it again, revised again. We went from thinking the book would be a combination of photography and illustrations to just illustration. Rose found Adonna Khare, a (fabulous) illustrator who was willing to work with us. Adonna asked for sketches for each page which I created in my clearly untrained hand, but which were a blast to do.

Then the book had to be laid out and designed. Reviewed. Revised. Reviewed. Revised.

Meanwhile, Rose was hard at work arranging printing, pricing, and marketing – all those things that I hate doing but are oh so necessary.

And so we are approaching the realization of this dream, filled with whimsical drawings and a sweet story. The book should be for sale mid-summer, with all profits going to support the Dog Program at Children’s Hospital. We hope to raise a minimum of $5,000, although clearly I’d love to raise more.

Use this one.png


Try again.png


What a journey…from casual conversation to rough draft to rough illustrations to final product… I’ll let all of you know when the book is available for purchase!




2 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to buy one!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to buying a copy for every kid I know.

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