Decorating Tips for Dogs and Their Humans

Training a deaf dog has its own challenges, but one thing hasn’t changed – you are still training a dog. And dogs don’t always see the world as humans do.

I remind myself of this when Doodly Doright is barking and scratching madly…at the floor. Who knows what he smells? Perhaps legions of squirrels have taken up residence under our slab, and we humans are too pathetic to smell them. If he could talk, I’m sure he’d tell us that we have no worries – he will defend us against the invisible enemy.

Then there’s the living room rug. Sigh.

Years and dogs ago, our sheltie, Inspector, became very fond of peeing on the piano leg, saturating the rug and the wooden floor beneath it. We replaced wooden tiles, had the rug cleaned many times, changed the rug mat, but it didn’t matter – our living room had become the favorite spot for relief. Inspector was the first, but he was hardly the last. Later dogs and cats alike followed his example until we finally threw the rug out (yeah, we’re a little slow on the uptake). We then waited until our last cat, Frankie, an inveterate spoiler of rugs, breathed his last. A week later, we had a new throw rug back in the living room.

I figured we were safe. We were down to our perfect dog, Boo, who would never do such a thing.

Yeah, right. The ghosts of our rug past whispered to Boo, “They won’t care, Boo! They want you to pee here! Honest!” Boo, a trusting sort, listened and repeated the sins of our now-gone fur friends.

So. After Boo left us, I sent the once-new rug out for cleaning. I got a new rug pad. We enjoyed our pristine rug for six weeks – and then we adopted Doodly, our 10-month old ball of energy and puppy joy, whose house-training is a little questionable. To be generous.  Within two days, the Dood had added his contribution to the proud history of rugs in our living room.

Years ago, Dave Barry, one of the funniest writers to have walked this earth, wrote that when he and his wife looked in their living room, they saw a beautiful Persian carpet. But when their dogs Earnest and Zippy looked in the same room, they saw something very different (I couldn’t locate the original article but recreated the image he included in the book for your entertainment):

toilet rug


So this got me thinking. Do we:

  1. Get rid of the rug and live with bare floors for the next (I hope) 15 years?
  2. Clean the rug so Doodly will have a sanitized bathroom?
  3. Replace the rug with something that won’t show the pee stains so badly?

I’ve decided on option 3. In fact, I’ve designed the perfect rug to meet the needs of humans and dogs alike:

Pee rug

And I thought all those years as an art major were for nothing! My talent cannot be hidden – it demands to be seen by the world. Perhaps I can convince QVC to give me own show: “Decorating Solutions for Dogs and Their Humans”. You’d watch, wouldn’t you?


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  1. I am laughing uncontrollably!!!!

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