My Girl Boo

When I close my eyes, here is what I see…

A big green field. My dog prancing in the sunlight and grass. Me kneeling, arms out, and calling, “Boo Booooo!!”. And my big beautiful red furry girl bounding through the grass and into my arms.

I loved that dog. She was my shadow, my companion, my laughter, my joy. She slept with us at night, she lay at my feet when I worked, she stayed close while I was cooking, she sat quietly (hopefully!) by the table while we ate. We started our days together, going for long walks through the hills, with Boo ecstatic from start to finish (After, all what could be better than spending an hour with your humans, smelling delectable odors, marking your spot and getting treats?). We went to Montana together, where she loved the freedom, the smells and getting her feet wet in the lake. When we out for boat rides , she would frantically run from dock to dock, afraid to let us out of her sight.


We adopted Boo from Golden Retriever Rescue of Greater Los Angeles at age 5. I can’t speak to her first five years, but we made certain her next (almost) 10 years were wonderful. She repaid us a thousand times over with her love, good heart and devotion.

How painful is it to say goodbye? Beyond words. How small a price is that pain in comparison to the joy Boo Boo gave us? So very small.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who reached out with virtual hugs, sympathy, white light, prayers, tissues, and wise words. And thank you to my darling husband, our wonderful son and his partner for being with Boo and me as we took the last step of this journey. You made her passing a peaceful and loving experience.

I will carry Boo Boo in my heart forever.



7 Responses

  1. Oh no. No, no, no. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the beautiful post. Thinking of you. And of your girl, Boo.

  2. I’ll always remember being in CA for one of your meetings when you announced Boo would be joining your familly. Grace came to me that same year. We were both lucky to have such awesome furry friends join us for the 2nd part of their lives. I bet that by now, they’ve met at the Rainbow Bridge, comparing notes about what it was like to be our home office mates….and listening to all the Sun communicators from around the world on conference calls. (Anita’s Copper is probably hanging out with our girls too!) Peace to you and your family. Will say an extra prayer for Boo. xo

  3. Terry, I am so sorry about the loss of Boo. She was a wonderful dog and loved you so much, just as you loved her. My heart is with you. Love, Jane

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  4. Dear Terry, I am so sorry to read of your loss of Boo Boo. What a lucky and very beautiful girl she was to have found you after five years. Her almost last 10 had to be a doggies absolute dream life! Bless you for giving Boo that life she so deserves.

    Lisamarie Hurst
    GRCGLAR volunteer

  5. I’m very sorry for the loss of your loyal companion Boo. Your tribute is beautiful. Dogs evoke a love that no one else can.

  6. As both a 2 time adopter from the GRCGLA as we as a volunteer your story impacted me. Thank you for giving Boo such love & devotion, she was obviously a very special family member. I know Boo is up there frolicking with those I have love & lost & just somehow that brings me solace.

  7. This is a beautiful tribute, Terry. Captures what it means to have a such a special four-legged friend like Boo. … I always will smile back on when my boys met Boo many years ago, and how sweet she was with them. … Take good care.

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