The Best from the Best – Your 2014 Reading List

Nose in a book

I asked my Facebook friends a simple question a couple days ago – what book was your favorite read for 2013? And with that, 40 suggestions came pouring in! I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested in a great read. And I was excited to see some books that I already had on my Kindle/iPad that (I confess) I forgot I bought or had second thoughts about so hadn’t tried them yet. They are now on my top list. And as pleased I was to see books on the list that I, too, read and loved, it’s the treasure trove of new reads awaiting me that has me really excited.

Thank you everyone! Here’s the list (in  the order they came in), along with who recommended it and  links so you can read more about each one of them! Merry Christmas!

  1. The Golem and the Jini by Helene Wacker (Karen Shamban) (I second this recommendation – great read)
  2. At the Devil’s Table, The Untold Story of the Insider who brought down the Cali Cartel by William Rempel (Me!)
  3. The Frieda Klein mystery series by Nicci French (Penny Bruce)
  4. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison (Penny Bruce)
  5. Capital by John Lanchester (Penny Bruce)
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (Matt Artz) (This was sitting on my Kindle, forgotten. Hidden treasure!)
  7. The Humans by Matt Haig (Matt Artz)
  8. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanvich (Jan Brockway)
  9. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (Carolyn McKenzie)
  10. Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel (Karen Shamban) (I loved this book – found it a fast and fascinating read)
  11. The Big Short by Michael Lewis (Carolyn McKenzie)
  12. Where Did You Go Bernadette? by Marie Semple (Carol Capps) (I agree – great read!)
  13. Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown (Nancy Weintraub) (Thanks for lead, Nancy. Never heard of this but it looks terrific)
  14. Home by George Saunders (Mike Bellissimo)
  15. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter (Greg Bardsley)
  16. Dare Me by Megan Abbott (Greg Bardsley)
  17. Rake by Scott Phillips (Greg Bardsley)
  18. Luminarium by Alex Shakar (Rachel Canon) (Another forgotten treasure on my Kindle… thanks, Rachel!)
  19. Tenth of December by George Saunders (Rachel Canon)
  20. Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (Rachel Canon)
  21. Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo (Phyllis Scargle)
  22. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Betty Chase)
  23. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra (Betty Chase)
  24. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (Joan Gross) (This was terrific – ever what happened to Doc in the Shining? Now you’ll know!)
  25. The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett (Joan Gross) (loved this book – didn’t want it to end)
  26. Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews (Dana Fugate)
  27. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Linda Crowe and Ann Bischoff) (Can’t speak for the movie but the book is fantastic. Geri Rhoades first recommended it to me and I couldn’t put it down)
  28. My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayer (Linda Crowe)
  29. Savages by Don Winslow (Al Riske)
  30. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes (Geri Rhoades)
  31. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (Geri Rhoades) (Just finished – was surprised at how good this was…)
  32. Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Ann Bischoff)
  33. Hild by Nicola Griffith (Ann Bischoff)
  34. A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers (April Rassa)
  35. The Circle by Dave Eggers (April Rassa and Hal Stern)
  36. The End of Wasp Season by Denise Mina  (Peter Ryan)
  37. Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin (Hal Stern)
  38. Squeeze Play by Jane Leavey (Hal Stern)
  39. Human Division by John Scalzi (Hal Stern)
  40. The Duplex by Kathryn Davis (Me!)

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Other suggestions that came in response to this post:

41.  Lush Life by Richard Price (Ellen McGlone)

42. The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Mike Bellissimo) (Hey, Mike – this looks amazing! Thanks!)

43. Little Bee by Chris Cleve (Kathy Knopoff)

44. Pilgrim’s Wilderness by Tom Kizzia (Kathy Knopoff)

45.  Unwritten by Charles Martin (Kathy Knopoff)

So there you have it. Keep track of books you love in the coming year, and we’ll do this again next December. Ye ha!


2 Responses

  1. Awesome, thanks for the list, Terry

  2. Thanks Terry. Lush Life by Richard Price was one of my favorites.

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