The Little Mermaid and Me

My daughter was 7 and my son 5 when Disney’s My Little Mermaid came out in 1989. We all loved that movie, but the film always choked me up at one point in particular. It’s the scene where Ariel chooses to live with her true love on land, and must say goodbye to her water-bound father. Here’s how it reads in the script:

Triton: She really does love him, doesn't she, Sebastian?

Sebastian: Well, it's like I always say, Your Majesty.  
Children got to be free to lead their own lives.

Triton: You - always say that? (sighs) Then I guess there's 
just one problem left.

Sebastian: And what's that, Your Majesty?

Triton: How much I'm going to miss her.

Yeah, Disney always knew how to stick it right to you…

Our year of living magically has ended. The magic was pretending that our daughter and her family would now see that living in the U.S. was the best choice for them – and that our miserable economy would make an exception so our son-in-law could find a job. That dream went “Poof!” on Tuesday when I dropped Carolyn, Juan Carlos, Lucas, Matilda and Amalia at the airport where they caught their flight to South America.

They’re heading off to a good life. Juan Carlos landed a great job, and they return to loads of family and friends. Soon they’ll be settled in a new house, with Lucas and Matilda enrolled in school. We’re happy for them. And we’ll all make the best of it, between Skype and visits. But you know what? It still sucks and I’m still sad.

I don’t feel like being a good sport about it. Give me some time and I’m sure I’ll come around…


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  1. beautiful , and sad but think of all the great trips to South America you will be taking.



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