Blessed Again

Our house has been a very busy place this summer. With our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren living with us for a couple of months, there is never a dull – or quiet – moment! And on July 31, at 5:01 in the morning, we added to the chaos – and joy – when our new granddaughter, Amalia, was born.

Amalia – hours old…

No, it doesn’t get less thrilling just because this is the third grandchild. We are bursting with pride and happiness at Amalia’s arrival. And  to hold this tiny bit of a person is wonderful beyond words.

Lucas and Matilda have had to make some adjustments. By and large, Amalia’s entry into the family has been pretty easy, although I think my Matilda feels a little left out. Lucas, at the grand old age of 3, is old enough to understand about the baby. Matilda, who at 20 months is still a baby herself, is less certain.

Lucas and Matilda checking out the new addition.

The kids are so close together in age, though, that in no time at all it will feel as though Amalia was always there. And soon enough she’ll be playing and fighting with her siblings.

We’ve been blessed to have our family living with us this summer. If you hear a tinge of sadness in my voice, though, it’s because it’s all coming to an end. Unless a miracle (called a job here in the States in this crappy economy) happens, our kids will all be returning to Santiago, Chile, where they’ll build their lives.

We know they’ll be happy, and that they’ll have a good life there, surrounded by his family and their many friends. And yes, last time I checked, Lan Chile still flies between Los Angeles and Santiago.

But it won’t be the same. So we welcome Amalia, and at the same time, get ready to say our farewells.


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  1. Congratulations on the new baby!!!!!!



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