Father’s Day… a Little Late

Fathers… One of the many reasons I married Scott was because I knew what a great dad he would be. And I suspect that was part of the appeal that our daughter saw in our son-in-law, Juan Carlo.

You know? There are worse reasons to get married!

I love watching Juan Carlos with our grandchildren.  He’s a natural dad, playful but determined, relaxed but disciplined. He can make Matilda giggle like nobody’s business, and he can sweet talk Lucas into a change of clothes by making it fun:

Carolyn and Juan Carlos are in the planting and sowing stage right now – raising and shaping those kids into healthy, responsible and independent individuals.  We, on the other hand, are in the reaping stage.  Our life is a lot easier!

Andrew came over for Father’s Day last Sunday, and we really had a wonderful time.  He was responsible for dessert, and made a delicious apple pie, flavored with cranberries bitters, mint and…scotch.  And, he taught me how to make a carmalized lattice top:

I must admit, however, that having a chef as our son does pretty much guarantee I’ll never put these newfound skills to work…

Dinner was so much fun. Scott and Andrew hung out in the hot tub, doing the Sunday crossword, while I made the rest of dinner. We started with an avocado, fennel and grapefruit salad, went onto pureed parsnips and grilled halibut, topped with balsamic onion relish.

Two truly exceptional bottles of wine later, we finished off with coffee and pie. Weight Watchers be damned – this was a feast worth gaining a couple pounds to enjoy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. We couldn’t do it – and wouldn’t want to do it – without you!


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