Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Five years ago, Scott and I arrived in Santiago, Chile. We were excited, nervous, thrilled. Our daughter, Carolyn, was getting married, and the wedding was going to be a South American spectacular!

So here’s what that means.  Five hundred guests. A wedding ceremony at 7:00 pm.  A sit-down dinner that started at 11:00 pm.  Dancing until 6 in the morning.

Given the location, it’s no surprise that the McKenzies were a bit underrepresented (only in number, not in spirit!), but 40 of us managed to fly very south of the border for the festivities.  We encouraged our friends and family to arrive early, so we could spend a few days sightseeing and enjoying each other.

My Mom and Aunt Viv enjoying lunch in Valparaíso

And what a time we had. A day of wine-tasting, a day at Valparaíso, a bridal shower at the beautiful Santiago Country Club, and a huge barbecue hosted by Juan Carlos’ parents at their home, the night before the wedding. It was wonderful.

With such an incredible week building up to the main event, you might wonder how a mere wedding could live up to the hype.

Easily, as it turns out. After a small panic caused by the fact that we idiotically left all the bridesmaid dresses back in Santiago, a 45 minute drive from the the country location of the wedding, and another small dustup when the bus with all of our U.S. family and guests got lost trying to find the church, the night went off without a hitch.

I didn’t understand a word of the ceremony, being both Catholic and in Spanish, but was assured that nothing untoward was promised or said. I can tell you that, like all weddings, everyone was glowing and happy.

And the good feelings spilled over into the reception, where there was much dancing, drinking, eating and laughing. Our son-in-law was very excited because he got to do one of his favorite things, dance in high places:

I was less than thrilled when the father of the bride decided this was such a good idea that he’d give it a shot, too:

But I’m pleased to report that my darling spouse survived. And the memories live on.

The happy wedding morphed into a happy marriage which grew from the two of them to the four of them. A lot of change in just five years. All for the good.

So happy anniversary to our children! And many you have many, many more years of happiness!


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