Reveling in Grandmotherhood

Everything you heard about being a grandparent is true.  It’s soooo much easier than being a parent! Sure, you still worry, but not to the same extent.  This seems to be true for a couple of reasons.

  • First, you’re not the decision-maker, your children are.  This relieves you of a huge amount of responsibility.
  • Second, you’re, ahem, well, older.  Been there, done that, made those mistakes, learned from those mistakes, did some things right, did some things wrong.   Gives you a little different perspective.
  • And finally? You’re not the primary caretaker – you’re secondary.  So chances are you’re not sleep-deprived, exhausted from juggling laundry, work, spouse and little children, and you’re not there 24/7.

Like I’ve said before, it’s a great gig.

Because along with the – let’s face it – lack of responsibility, you get to totally revel in your grandchildren.  Adore them.  Brag about them.  Enjoy them.

And buy them presents.

Our grandson is going to be two this May, which is hard to believe. This is an excuse to go shopping, and while I have to be cautious about what I buy – big is expensive when you have to ship across oceans – it’s still big time fun.

Lucas is into Tommy Train, Ice Age, ducks, elephants and blocks. His favorite game is “Where is it?”. This game consists of him hiding toys behind his back and then giving an elaborate shrug, to which your response has to be…(you guessed this, because you’re way ahead of me) “Where is it?” Carolyn tells me he has now advanced to a new version – “Where’s Lucas?” In this one, he hides behind the door in his bedroom, and Carolyn hunts for him, calling out questions such as, “Is Lucas in the hamper?” To which a little voice responds, “No!”

Clearly, even the most inventive grandparent can’t improve on this game with a mere gift, so that left me with Tommy Train, blocks, videos (tricky because of different formats in the U.S. and the U.K.) and video-related toys.  And the winner is…

But don’t tell him, OK? Or forward him this blog… After all, it’s supposed to be a surprise!


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  1. Adorable! Stuffed animals were always my favorite. Great post Terry!

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