To Our Children

Scott and I returned home from the UK at 10 pm on Christmas Day, approximately 6.5 days late.  We were stressed and exhausted, with minor conveniences like an hour wait for luggage at LAX flaring into major irritations.  We were talking, but there was some jet-lagged sniping, too. We’d enjoyed a very brief Christmas in London with our daughter and her family (one hour before dashing to Heathrow), but were sad that we had missed our own traditions in Los Angeles.

This just makes me laugh! Come on, kids - let's try to look festive!

When we opened the front door, we were greeted warmly by our son, his partner Charlie, the wriggling joy of Boo — and the fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree.

Since all we had hoped for was a brief scotch and perhaps leftover coal in our stockings, you can only imagine how happy this made us.

But it gets better…

On Boxing Day, we had Christmas.  Andrew and Charlie had lox, bagels, cream cheese and all the fixings ready for brunch.  Armed with food and coffee, we headed into one of the nicest Christmases I can remember.

There were gifts galore, and they were fun gifts – such as flavored salts from an LA spice store and copies of Andrew’s favorite books.  All so personal, so lovingly chosen.  We were very touched.

I headed upstairs for a nap after gift giving, and slept long and hard until I was awakened by the most amazing aromas coming from my kitchen… Andrew was preparing Julia Child’s roasted duck with parsnips and carrots, and Charlie was mixing up batches of Manhattans. O happy day!

The dinner was delicious, the Manhattans addictive, and the conversation lively. We pushed our chairs back from the table, stuffed but happy.

If holidays are a time for family, we were doubly blessed this year.  If family is being loved and appreciated, we are overwhelmingly blessed. May your blessings in the coming year be as wonderful as ours were in 2010.


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