Me, Myself and I

My favorite subject.  Oh come, come, now.  Don’t make me feel selfish here – you’re the same, I know.

I continue on my journey of self-discovery, stripped of self-importance symbols bestowed by corporate employers, forced to look inside to see what makes me tick. My first tentative step was last year, when I chose to go part-time at Sun.  I never intended to stay there so long – when I joined in 2003 I thought I’d be there for one or two years max.  After six years of working hard to keep employees engaged and committed as the company continued to struggle, I realized I had nothing left to say.  And that I had lost my freshness and enthusiasm, making me less than the great leader I expected myself to be. So, with the approval of my executive, I selected a couple of juicy projects – the Web 2.0 transformation and the Leadership Conference – to spend my energy on and left the heavy lifting to someone else.

That was a terrific arrangement until Oracle acquired my beloved company, and my projects lost their … juice.  And funding.

So fast forward to the fall of 2009.  Still exhausted and bruised from fighting the good fight at Sun, I could not imagine ever accepting another corporate staff job.

So where the heck does that leave me now? Frankly?  I’ve found the courage to step out on my own, and years of healthy earnings plus disciplined financials gave me the ability to be picky about my work.  I am one lucky woman.

And so the question comes back to, what do I want to do? And the answer is…work on projects that get me incredibly excited and energized.  Employee engagement.  Executive communication counsel and coaching.  Training.  Writing. Helping others rethink communication.  Oh, and being happy, enthused and energized.

Because otherwise, what’s the point?


18 Responses

  1. As always, great stuff, Terry. Reading about your journey resonates on many levels – and is helping me think through my own employment interlude. What’s the point – that is THE question!

  2. Terry, You are so inspiring. What a great talent and great attitude. Way to go on all levels. I’m impressed.

  3. I wish you well. You will be an amazing asset in anything you choose to do. Good luck!

  4. I’m always so jazzed to read what is happening in your world Terry-congratulations on this next step in your journey. It completely resonates with me. All the best!

  5. I’ll pile on and say how much I always enjoy reading about the trail you’re blazing, Terry. I’m ‘in between’ jobs, having been treated to what became a short-term assignment at Sun’s acquirer. So very much in the ‘thinking about what’s truly important in life’ state of mind. Hope we’ll stay connected!

    • I heard about that short-time job… and thought it was VERY bad form. You deserve better – much better. Please put me on your list of references – I think you’re great!

  6. Congrats on your new move.

    I hope we can work together again and a lot!


  7. All the best, Terry! I continue to be inspired by your creativity and energy, even after all these years.

    • God knows I try, Lisa! Although I must admit the seduction of doing nothing can be quite alluring…!

  8. Seems like you have it all worked out Terry,……and that is not easy!!! Sure it (and you ) will be wonderful!


    • Thanks, Peter! This better work because a fair number of people are going to shoot me if I ask them to change my email address one more time! Hope you’re doing well….

  9. Ditto to so many of the comments here, Terry. Kudos to you for following your instinct rather than thinking you just had to “stick with it.” So many of us are taking that long inward look. Can so relate to the employee engagement work, and maybe I’ll have to find a way to get to Chicago next year! Your situation sounds absolutely perfect, for you, for now! Congratulations!

  10. BRAVO, as usual!

  11. Sounds like another great move for you, Terry!

    Looking forward to catching up at CCM in Philadelphia in early May!

  12. Excellent .. Love it …. You’re on your way to your next adventure, Terry, and here’s to it being just as rich as all those great Sun years. Congrats on you and your friends for making the wise and perhaps courageous choice.

  13. Look forward to learning of your continued adventures Terry! Sun was a wonderful place and I’m doubtful I’ll have another comms position that was as rewarding.

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